AGREED Trainings

This week we continued the trainings for the local LPAs and CSOs for 3 more localities: Taraclia, Causeni and Ocnita. All the meetings were held physically where we enjoyed a fairly active presence.

In Taraclia district the training was took on Monday, August 17, the greeting was addressed by Mrs. Natalia Neiculova, the Secretary of the Taraclia District Council. The training was attended by 30 people, mayors, secretaries and representatives of local municipalities.

In Causeni, the training took place on Wednesday, August 19, where around 21 local town halls met, which was also attended by the secretary of the district council, Mr. Vlad Gira and the representative of the State Chancellery for Causeni district. The representatives of the LPAs had a rather interesting exchange of information.

The training for Ocnița district was held on August 21, which was attended by 32 people including Ms. Adelina Carabet, Head of Economics, Agriculture, Tourism, Land Relations and Ms. Angela Crucichevici, Head of Culture, including others specialists from the district council, 3 local NGOs: PA “Stimul”, PA “Paradis”, PA “Iunona”. LPA representatives actively participated and came up with various examples already applied in practice that lead to increase citizen participation in local decision-making.  

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