• July 30, 2021

Final conference AGREED

Final conference AGREED

On July 27 2021, was organized the final conference of the AGREED project – Activating Governance Reform for Enhacing Development, funded by the European Union.

The event was attended by Svetloslav SVILENOV, project manager from the European Union Delegation, Larisa VOLOH Deputy, Alexandru COICA, Coordinator of Eastern and Central Asian Partnership Countries (ALDA), Victor COTRUȚĂ, Coordinator of Eastern Partnership Countries (ALDA), CSO representatives beneficiaries of grant projects, mayors, district councilors, secretaries.

The special contribution was made by following speakers of the panel discussions:

Ion MELEȘTEAN – Director of the Institute of Urban Development;

Ion CĂRPINEANU – mayor of Cărpineni village, Hâncești district;

Anetta DABIJA– president and co-founder of SAVE CHISINAU;

Alexandru MUNTEANU – president and co-founder of the Urbanism Center;

Igor CIUREA – President of LID Moldova;

Ana MARDARE – public policy expert;

Oleg TOMȘA – co-founder of PRIMARIAMEA;

Diana NĂSTAS – vice-president of the Association of Natives of TELENEŞTI;

Veronica LI-ȘUI-CEAN – member of the local Public Association LINGĂ NOI;

Igor CURCĂ – executive director of PA SILENT GENERATION.

The conference agenda focused not only on the results achieved by the AGREED project, but more on addressing the issues of improving local governance, sustainable development of localities, involvement of citizens at local level.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the event was organized in hybrid format, the event was attended by about 75 participants. We really enjoyed the online and physical presence of the participants.

The event registration can be found here: Facebook.

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