AGREED trainings

This week we are nearing the end with the trainings within AGREED project. The trainings were carried out for the local LPAs from 3 localities of the country: Nisporeni, Straseni and Dubasari.

For Nisporeni district, the training was conducted in on-line format for a period of 2 days, which was attended by about 15 representatives of local municipalities along with Ms. Olesea Beschieru, secretary of the Nisporeni district council, specialist in public relation.

In Straseni, the training took place on Wednesday, September 23, about 28 people gathered together with the President of the district Mr. Pavel Tamaciuc and the Deputy Head of the Chisinau Territorial Organization of the State Chancellery Mr. Sergiu Jereghi. The representatives of the LPAs actively participated and brought various examples applied in practice that lead to increasing the participation of citizens in the local decision-making process.

The training for Dubasari district was held on Friday, September 25, attended by about 30 people including the secretary of the district council Ms. Maria Jimbei. The public was active and asked various questions on the subject of transparency and citizen participation in various issues that arise or projects to be carried out.

It was an interesting platform for discussions and debates!

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