On Friday, October 23, took place the final meeting of the project “Transparency and participation – the foundation of a good local government”, implemented by the Ecological Movement Ștefan Vodă in partnership with Ștefănești City Hall, financed within the grant programme of AGREED project, implemented by ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy.

The event was also attended by Mr. Victor COTRUȚĂ, Project Coordinator together with 15 other representatives of NGOs as well as LPA from Călărași, Ștefan Vodă and Anenii Noi. During the meeting the participants had an exchange of experience and useful practices.

The following objectives of the project can be highlighted:

– Increase the capacity of at least 50 members of civil society and LPAs in developing and monitoring local policies to ensure a transparent public administration.

– Initiation of programs for education and development of participatory behavior of the citizen:

  1. Internal Regulation on decision-making transparency,
  2. Plan to deepen transparency and ensure access to information of public interest;

– Increasing the capacity of civil servants and local elected officials in ensuring transparency and citizens’ access to information of public interest, applying effective mechanisms for the involvement of citizens and the involvement of street citizens.

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