The European Association of Local Democracy Agencies (ALDA) is recruiting local experts/organisation to evaluate the pilot activities implemented within the AGREED Project.  

Background information:

ALDA is currently implementing the EU funded project “Activating Governance Reform for Enhancing Development” (AGREED) in the Republic of Moldova.

The 36-months project aims at strengthening the capacity of Moldovan local authorities to perform a transparent and participatory governance in their Communities, with a specific reference to the policy making process related to the potential Local Public Administration reform. It intends to promote a multi-level governance dialogue between the national government and the local authorities and to develop a set of recommendations to improve and promote a new decentralization reform.

One of the working packages of the AGREED is the re-granting scheme. The re-granting scheme is designed to provide short-term financial support to civil society organizations working at the local level, to promote co-operation with local public administrations in order to implement projects related to the promotion of the principles of participatory democracy at the local level. Projects eligible for funding under the grant program had to address local issues. The projects had to involve cooperation with other civil society organizations and/or local public administrations, as well as schools and/or the business sector. The selected projects should lead to increased public awareness and greater public involvement in solving local problems, as well as improving cooperation between CSOs and LPAs. Projects are implemented in local urban or rural communities and should mobilize society members and other key community actors to participate in project implementation. The evaluation committee selected 16 projects out of 123 applications. The selected projects address the principles of participatory democracy, and mainly, but not limited to, are dealing with the following subjects:

  • cooperation projects between CSOs and LPAs;
  • capacity building events;
  • information dissemination or promotion campaigns;
  • education and awareness activities;
  • concrete local actions to improve infrastructure such as:
  • – Social infrastructure;
  • – Alleys, sidewalks and pedestrian areas;
  • – Landscaping and rehabilitation of green spaces;
  • – Arrangement of public spaces (urban furniture, etc.);
  • – Children’s playgrounds and playgrounds;
  • – Education, youth and sports (sports fields in neighborhoods, etc.);

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Objectives and expected deliverables:

The selected expert(s)/organisation will work with beneficiaries of the small grants to collect information, opinions, suggestions and challenges faced by the stakeholders involved. Based on the collected information and (online) meetings with beneficiaries the experts will prepare a set of recommendations for LPAs and CSOs.

The anticipated work package includes:

  1. Preparation of the draft set of recommendations

Through desk researches, reviewing of the reports of the grants’ beneficiaries   and discussions with small grants beneficiaries (CSOs, LPAs, local initiative groups, local population, etc), selected expert(s)/organisation will elaborate a baseline set of recommendations which will reflect all known information at this stage related to co-operation between LPAs and CSOs and local communities. The expert(s)/organization will analyze the existing legislation and will come with a set of recommendations on the improvement of existing legislation in order to encourage such initiatives.

The expert(s)/organisation will identify either positive or negative outcomes, of each one of the local initiatives supported within the grants scheme of the AGREED project.

  1. Presentation of the set of recommendation at the Toolfair

Following the development of the baseline set of recommendation (described in point 1), the expert(s)/organisation will participate in the Toolfair – the conference which will gather about 70 representatives of CSOs and LPAs implementing the local initiatives and invited representatives from other communities.   The expert(s)/organisation will present the draft set of recommendation and at the same time will collect ideas and suggestions from representatives of CSOs, LPAs and local communities.

  1. Finalizing the set of recommendations

As result of the open discussions at the Toolfair, the expert(s)/organisation will incorporate received feedback from representatives of CSOs and LPAs into the baseline set of recommendations.

The final set of recommendations will be printed and disseminated to all interested CSOs, LPAs and other interested stakeholders.


  • At least 3 years of previous proven professional experience in performing in-depth studies, analysis and writing assessment reports.
  • Thorough understanding of the responsibilities of LPAs and co-operation with CSOs and local communities. Experience in working with the civil society organisations and local public authorities is an asset.
  • Fluency in Romanian, Russian and English. The communication with project management and stakeholders will be conducted in all 3 mentioned languages. The output will be developed in Romanian with a summary in English.


  • Baseline set of recommendations in Romanian, after the initial reviewing of the project reports and interviews with the small grants projects beneficiaries;
  • Final set of recommendations, after the Toolfair, in Romanian and a summary of the report in English

Other provisions

All intellectual property rights related to the work performed under this ToR will belong to ALDA. The applicant is expecting to work outside ALDA’s office and use her/his own equipment. However, some coordination meetings and interviews may take place at ALDA’s office in Chisinau.

The applicant should be available to start the assignment in November 2020.

Application procedure

To apply please send the below mentioned information in English:

  • for individual or group of expert(s): the CV(s);
  • for specialized organizations (legal entity, NGO, think-tank of consultancy company): copy of the registration document, the CV of the organization and CVs of all experts involved in carrying the tasks described in this ToR;
  • cover letter describing the previous experience and qualifications to conduct similar studies;
  • the technical proposal of actions and vision of developing the set of recommendations;
  • financial offer with the detailed budget for the assignment.

Documents mentioned above should be sent to with in cc.

The deadline for application is 8th of November 2020, 23:59 local time in Chisinau. 

The assessment of the application will be done to ensure the selection of best offer from cost/quality perspective. Please note that the financial offer should include all necessary technical, administrative or transportation costs, which will be required for carrying the tasks.

Any enquires regarding this ToR should be send exclusively in written form to no later than 5th of November 2020.

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