General information:

ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy implements the project “AGREED – Activating Governance REform for Enhancing Development”, funded by the European Union. One of the project activities refers to the creation of a training platform for project beneficiaries (E-Learning platform)

The purpose of the platform is to ensure that local authorities and civil society have access to the training modules.

ALDA is hiring a company that, in collaboration with the employer, will develop the online courses, the structure and design of the IT platform, will ensure its technical realization and will post it on the ALDA website. The consultant will provide training to the responsible person within ALDA Moldova on the administration and maintenance of the developed platform and will coordinate all activities with the responsible person within the organization.

General description of the E-Learning platform:

  1. The structure of the platform will allow the placement of several training modules;
  2. The platform will have a self-training compartment, which will require visitors to log in;
  3. Possibility to configure the platform compartments with the addition of new compartments, modification of training modules;
  4. Possibility to place materials of different format (ex. PDF, Word, video and audio);
  5. Ability to attach images and create photo and video galleries;
  6. Compatibility with different devices for displaying the content of the platform (ex. desktop computers, tablets, mobile phones);
  7. Development and administration in three language versions: Romanian using diacritics, Russian, English;
  8. Correct viewing in different browser applications (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera);
  9. Ability to monitor the number of visitors through Google Analytics.

Company tasks:

  1. Creating web design and adjusting it according to the employer’s requests;
  2. Creating content for modules. A total of 4 modules are provided on the topics: transparency in local decision-making, participatory democracy, public participation, services provided by local authorities and the possibility for citizen participation. The company will be responsible for identifying experts for content development, filming and editing courses as well as developing the knowledge assessment system;
  3. Assistance in launching the E-Learning platform;
  4. Assistance during the piloting period of the platform;
  5. Assistance in testing the platform;
  6. Addressing deficiencies identified during the pilot period and acceptance testing;
  7. Training of ALDA Moldova staff who will work with the E-Learning platform;
  8. Develop a document with instructions for working with the platform (on platform management, placement and deletion of information, etc.) and, if necessary,
  9. Technical support and post-delivery warranty for the E-Learning platform for at least one year after the launch.

Specific requirements for the Company:

  1. Experience in developing and maintaining web platforms. Preferably – experience in integrating training modules into web platforms;
  2. Ability to work in limited time;
  3. Flexibility.

Participation file:

  1. The company’s CV with emphasis on the experience of carrying out works of similar complexity;
  2. A short vision / description of the accomplishment of the tasks (maximum 2 pages);
  3. Detailed financial offer with indication of costs for each component (design, web design, code development, content creation, video editing and editing services, etc.).

Interested persons are encouraged to send the participation file to the email:, mentioning in the subject “AGREED E-Learning”. Additional questions can be asked until April 14, 2021 by e-mail above or tel. 069125345.

Deadline – 16.04.2021.

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