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“Activating Government Reform for Improving Development” (AGREED) is a 24-month project implemented by ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy, LDA Moldova in Cimișlia and the University Legal Clinic in Bălți. The project focuses on establishing a stable mechanism for collaboration between civil society and local authorities in the governance process. 

AGREED aims to support cooperation between local authorities and civil society by activating participatory processes. The project aims to strengthen the capacity of Moldovan local authorities to achieve transparent and participatory governance in their communities, with specific reference to the policy-making process and public administration reform, including decentralization.

Central and local public administration reform is a priority of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, being reflected in the Public Administration Reform Strategy, as well as in the National Decentralization Strategy. The general objective of the reform set by the strategic framework is to create a modern, professional public administration oriented towards the provision of quality public services, in line with the needs and expectations of citizens and those of social and economic entities. One of the specific objectives established by the Public Administration Reform Strategy is to strengthen the administrative capacities by reducing the fragmentation of the administrative-territorial structure and / or the development of alternative territorial forms of public service provision. The subject of a potential administrative-territorial reform is a very sensitive to society, in particular due to the experience of previous reforms that failed to provide effective solutions to ensure access to local public services, as well as the implicit impact on local democracy caused by the growing distance between citizens and local public authorities.

 ALDA plans to organize a series of trainings for representatives of local public authorities and civil society organizations focused on transparency in local decision-making and the principles of participatory democracy. The trainings will be organized in all districts of Moldova and ATU Gagauzia.

If you are interested in up-coming trainings within the AGREED project, please contact us.

 Victor Cotruta ,

ALDA, Eastern Partnership Project Coordinator


Tel. +373 69125345

The preliminary agenda can be consulted here: link

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